Paul Davis Creates TouchLessServiceTM Protocols to Protect Customers from COVID-19

touchless service COVID-19 has completely transformed long-held customs and procedures for companies worldwide, from bumping elbows instead of shaking hands to playing professional stadium sports sans fans. Some of the biggest changes affect the customer service category, in which working remotely simply isn’t an option.

Paul Davis is proactively leading the way to safe, excellent customer service in the mitigation and restoration industry. Emily Schafer, Director of Brand Services at Paul Davis, spoke recently about the company’s innovative new TouchLessService protocols, which guide exactly how the company works with customers on projects during the COVID-19 era.

Why is Paul Davis implementing these new protocols?

ES: In crises, customers need to completely trust Paul Davis to help them. Our goal – whether we’re responding to floods, fires or a pandemic – is to provide stability, hope and expert guidance to people during the worst times of their lives. COVID-19 certainly qualifies as one of those times. The TouchLessService program, which we designed to safeguard customers and employees during the pandemic, helps us meet each customer’s particular needs, show care, communicate completely, and modify approaches as indicated by customers and authorities.

How does TouchLessService work?

ES: The new procedures are quite comprehensive. They specify protective equipment types and rules, surface treatment instructions and social distancing requirements. They outline communication strategies, health checks, wellness surveys and intake questionnaires so technicians and customers thoroughly understand how projects will move forward. The protocols decrease touchpoints between customers and our team members, too. For instance, we added signature and electronic document technologies to eliminate the need to share devices or writing implements. In sum, the protocols maintain strict safety for employees, partners and customers from first contact through project completion to reduce virus risk at all times.

Learn more about our “Disinfect In / Disinfect Out” protocol here or watch the following video.


How have customers responded to TouchLessService?

ES: We’re getting very positive feedback, from customers choosing Paul Davis because they value our approach to partners like insurance agents and suppliers interested in learning more. We are very proactive in sharing our procedures, particularly since people report that not all companies are doing this. As a professional provider, we’re proud to take the lead in keeping communities safe.

How long will Paul Davis continue TouchLessService?

ES: This is a chance for Paul Davis people to shine as community leaders in stopping the spread of this deadly disease. We will follow these protocols until the virus is no longer a threat.

To learn more about TouchLessService, call your local Paul Davis office or 844-215-7898 for more information.