Who Is A Difference Maker?

One who has a winning spirit to serve others, a history of achieving great results, and values congruent with the brand.

Paul Davis is looking for talented individuals to join our team. Would you enjoy working in new situations, serving people in times of need, and making a real difference?

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The Paul Davis Promise

Paul Davis delivers Truth, thus creating the safety, reality, and meaningful action that shepherds people and property back to the places and lives they love. Truth is the courage and conviction to do the right and good thing when it matters most and when others need it most. Truth is the foundation of our meaning and the definition of our purpose.

Difference Maker

Real Stories From Our Difference Makers

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Have Pride In What You Do

We take ownership in what we do and we lead by example with a positive “WE WILL” attitude. As The Difference Makers™ we strive to provide safety and certainty in the communities we serve. This is something we’re passionate about, making a positive difference for our customers. We wear that pride on our sleeves knowing we deliver what we promise.

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Living by our Mission

At Paul Davis our mission is, to provide opportunities for great people to deliver Best in Class results. Through these opportunities we as The Difference Makers™ rise to the challenge and serve people in their time of need. We are looking for talented individuals to join our team who are looking to make a real difference.

Become A Difference Maker Today!

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Paul Davis Restoration Technology

The technology used at Paul Davis Restoration makes it easy for your staff, your insurance company and the mitigation team to coordinate progress and speed up repairs on your commercial property.