The Paul Davis Social Purpose Statement

The men and women who serve our clients are the heart and soul of the Paul Davis company and the Paul Davis brand. It is through their commitment to do what is good and what is right for others that we have been able to both promise and deliver our stated mission, “To deliver an experience of extraordinary care while serving people in their time of need.”

Beyond our business and the everyday passion to help others because of what we do, at Paul Davis we are called to serve throughout our communities because of who we are. To belong to the family of Paul Davis means we are joined by our values and beliefs and these inspire us to serve each other in our daily lives. We are fortunate to have each other and we are aware that through our actions and good deeds we can touch and improve the lives of so many that are not so lucky. In our social purpose what we do and who we are come together.

Our simple acts of kindness and compassion, these meaningful expressions of care, bring out the true meaning of being Paul Davis through first serving others.