Reopen and Reoccupy Tips for Employers

banner Over the coming days and weeks, building owners, property managers, and employers will begin the process of reoccupying properties and reopening businesses. During these times of uncertainty and continuous change, we know restoring a sense of safety and security to your employees is crucial while returning to normal operations. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the following considerations for employers.

Considerations for the New Normal

  • Educate workers performing cleaning, laundry, and trash pick-up to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Provide instructions on what to do if they develop symptoms within 14 days after their last possible exposure to the virus.
  • Develop policies for worker protection and provide training to all cleaning staff on site prior to providing cleaning tasks.
  • Training should include when to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), what PPE is necessary, how to properly don (put on), use, and doff (take off) PPE, and how to properly dispose of PPE.
  • Ensure workers are trained on the hazards of the cleaning chemicals used in the workplace in accordance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication standard.
  • Comply with OSHA’s standards on Blood borne Pathogens, including proper disposal of regulated waste, and PPE.

To read more go to CDC:

How We Can Help

COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning

There is not a one-size-fits-all reoccupation strategy. Partner with Paul Davis to create a tailored COVID-19 cleaning solution best suited for your property in three steps:

  1. Paul Davis performs a site inspection.
  2. Paul Davis develops a COVID-19 cleaning plan utilizing EPA approved chemicals against COVID-19 and most common viruses.
  3. A team of Paul Davis trained and IICRC certified biohazard technicians will perform cleaning plan in accordance with your needs.

Paul Davis Restoration has been actively cleaning and applying disinfectants within buildings with both confirmed and unconfirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the pandemic. We are here to assist you in your decision making and guide you through a re-occupancy strategy towards a safe, healthy, and reopened building.

Interested in Covid-19 Cleaning?