We’re The Most Trusted Flood Damage Restoration Company

Paul Davis is the country’s most trusted flood damage restoration company. We’ve helped millions of people bounce back and restore their properties after catastrophic flooding. Our brand is the most recommended by insurance carriers. Cleaning up and repairing flood damage requires the right mix of technology and skill, and no other company has the extensive resources of Paul Davis.

For residential, industrial, or commercial properties, the comprehensive flood cleanup services from your local Paul Davis team are the best equipped to eliminate the toxic pathogens and odors that typically accompany flooding. Their knowledge and craftsmanship will also enable them to rebuild your property from the ground up if necessary. A Paul Davis team near you is always ready to begin flood restoration work whenever disaster strikes. Call our emergency line 24/7 at (888) 244-9840 and take peace of mind knowing the best help in the industry is on the way.

Remediating Immediately After Flood Damage Is Critical

Calling for professional flood cleanup services and restoration as soon as possible is critical for property owners. A flood typically brings bacteria and pathogens from outside indoors as ground and sewage water intermingle. It becomes a potential health risk to people and pets very quickly. The excessive moisture inside your property will also become a perfect breeding ground for mold. Many species of mold – not just black mold – can cause asthma and allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Mold also breaks down the cellulose material it colonizes, destroying it over time. Most properties, whether residential or commercial, are full of cellulose material that mold feeds on, including:

  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Carpets
  • Insulation
  • Fabric
  • Wallpaper
  • Plants
  • Food

Basement flooding is a common concern for homes and businesses. The force of water during extreme weather is powerful enough to crack concrete foundations and jeopardize the integrity of a building. Basement flooding could result from any number of events, including:

  • Heavy rain
  • Storm surges
  • Cresting rivers
  • Overflowing streams
  • Broken dams
  • Melting snow and ice

The professional flood restoration services of Paul Davis will quickly assess the damage to devise a cleanup and restoration plan. We may need to stabilize the structure as debris and damaged building materials are removed. The safest way to begin remediation is with expert contractors like your local Paul Davis team.

Paul Davis Has Superior Resources For Flood Damage Restoration

The various issues that arise due to flooding require many resources to find practical solutions. When you choose the flood restoration services of Paul Davis, you’ll know you have all the latest technology and necessary skill on your side.

Technology like thermal imaging helps your local Paul Davis team pinpoint where infiltration is happening, especially if it’s a crack in the foundation resulting in basement flooding or hidden behind materials like drywall. We can present photographic evidence of damage and repairs to your insurance company with thermal imaging.

Other technologies like web-based psychometric reading allow us to measure drying times and craft more efficient flood cleanup services to help you recover faster. Advanced washing systems using eco-friendly detergents and specialized processes can clean and restore more of your “soft items,” like leather, clothing, paperwork, and furniture. You can save more of your possessions and put this troubling time behind you faster with the superior resources that Paul Davis brings to the job.

We Help You File A Claim With Your Insurance Provider

The flood cleanup services of Paul Davis strive to be faster and more efficient than any other company. Working with insurance carriers is another way it’s achieved. As insurance carriers’ most recommended emergency restoration company, our expertise is trusted during the claims filing process. There is a department at Paul Davis dedicated to negotiating a claim on your behalf to your insurance company. We will unlock the money necessary for your flood restoration project so you can focus on other things. Work will begin immediately, and you won’t have to pay any upfront costs.

Get Help Immediately

Flooding inside your property harms your health and the building’s structural integrity. The longer water sits, the more it infiltrates materials, making the flood restoration project more costly in time and money. A flood can be overwhelming for property owners, but there is peace of mind available when you choose the flood damage restoration services of Paul Davis. We’re the most recommended by insurance companies and the most respected in the industry. We bring more resources to the job than any other contractors, using a superior mix of technology and skill to help you recover and rebuild faster. Your local Paul Davis team is ready to assist you 24/7. Call (888) 244-9840 as soon as possible and know that the best help is on the way.