At Paul Davis, technology plays a significant role in all the work that we perform. Our emergency services, cleaning and restoration processes use the latest technology, along with scientific methods, to maximize efficiency and accuracy when cleaning and restoring property damage.

The specialized equipment involved in the restoration industry has become more sophisticated over time. While Paul Davis franchises use the latest equipment for water extraction, fire restoration and mold remediation, our history of innovation has led to both breakthroughs in new technology and efficiency improvements that have set the standard in the industry.

Water Damage Assessment and Monitoring

Paul Davis spearheaded the development of MICA – a web-based monitoring tool used in repairing and settling water damage claims. MICA allows the efficient and accurate collection of psychometric readings during the drying process and provides a simple dashboard that insurance clients can access immediately at their convenience. This breakthrough has dramatically reduced the cycle time and costs in settling water damage claims.

Advanced Washing Systems

The cleaning and restoration of soft contents and textiles affected by property damage, such as clothing, blankets, leather goods, shoes, athletic equipment damaged and more plays an important role in the restoration process. The primary method for cleaning soft contents has been dry cleaning. However, this is an expensive and not environmentally friendly process. As an alternative, Paul Davis uses advanced washing systems and effective, environmentally-friendly detergents to clean and restore items to food grade quality clean – even items previously thought not restorable. Several Paul Davis offices strategically located throughout North America form a network of Central Processing Centers that are more than capable of handling any soft contents cleaning needs.

Thermal Imaging

For years, thermal imaging technology has allowed Paul Davis technicians to check for water intrusion without cutting through drywall or tearing up carpet. Its use has been a cost and time saver in repairing water damage. Today, we use this important technology in other beneficial ways, such as showing the property owner and insurance adjuster more vivid photographic evidence of the problem and validation that the problem is repaired. In addition, we have used thermal imaging to detect failing electrical circuits and breakers, and leaks in concrete foundations.

If you have a property damage emergency, count on Paul Davis to use the latest in technology to take care of it. Call Paul! 888-473-7669.