How We Repair and Restore Your Fire-Damaged Home

After a fire, homes and businesses usually have several kinds of damage — not just from the flames and smoke, but also from the water used to stop them from spreading. Our certified experts know how to turn back the clock on your damaged property and get it looking and feeling like the safe haven it once was.
While each fire scenario is different and requires a custom battle plan, some steps in our restoration process remain more or less consistent.

1. Assess the Degree of Damage

A Paul Davis professional will examine the scene, paying attention to every detail. It’s vital that all the damage be discovered before a plan is made, as restoration work has to happen in a certain order. For example, flooring that appears fine to the naked eye might be warped due to water damage, or fire may have weakened underlying support beams. Covering up problems such as these would lower property values and lead to mounting expenses in the future, and costs may not be recouped by insurance. Our thorough inspection will make sure the restoration work is thorough.

2. Isolate Unsafe Areas

Water and fire damage can weaken foundations and structures. We will strengthen or block off unsafe areas and make sure any exposed parts of your property are protected from further damage from the elements.

3. Remove Water and Dry the Area

If water remains in the area, it must be removed as quickly as possible or further damage will accumulate. Our technicians will efficiently get the water out and set about drying everything immediately so that mold and rot won’t have time to set in.

4. Remove Soot and Smoke Residue

Next, we use specialized equipment to clean soot from ceilings, floors, walls and other structure surfaces, as well as all salvageable items. This includes the use of air-scrubbing technology to remove the pervasive smoke odor that almost every property fire leaves behind.

5. Sanitize and Clean

We then turn our attention to cleaning and sanitizing all property that was damaged in the fire, as well as hauling away unsalvageable materials and preparing the location for full-on restoration work.

6. Fire Damage Restoration

Once the cleaning is finished, it’s time to start the damage reversal process. Our certified professionals are skilled in a wide range of repairs and reconstruction, including drywall replacement, painting, carpet or floorboard removal and installation, and even major carpentry and remodeling projects.

Call Paul Davis Restoration Right Away

The sooner a trained professional assesses your fire damage, the quicker and more affordable the repair and restoration will be. Contact us immediately so we can get started on a restoration road-map. We’ll help you put your life back together!