Paul Davis Bathroom Remodeling Services

Whether it’s time to make minor upgrades to your bathroom or it needs a complete overhaul from the ground up, you can trust the job to come out perfect with Paul Davis bathroom remodeling services. Paul Davis has the most experienced bathroom contractors and operates nationwide.

With over 50 years of leading the home restoration industry, the Paul Davis brand has found solutions to the most challenging jobs. Fast, dependable, and with the best technology and craftsmanship in the business, we’re the bathroom renovation service to call when you want the job done right.

Are Bathroom Remodel Services Worth The Cost?

On average, consumers spend between $20,000 to $65,000 on a mid to high-grade bathroom remodel. It’s a lot of money, but it also comes with a fairly high cost-recoup (around 60-67%) if the home is later sold. Great bathroom remodel services from a reputable contractor like Paul Davis will help maximize the resale value of your new bathroom. Even if the added value to your home or property isn’t the biggest concern when moving forward with a bathroom renovation project, the personal joy you get from it could be valuable enough.

One thing to keep in mind is that plenty of bathroom remodeling projects go wrong every year. Many go over budget, aren’t completed on time, or are done so poorly that the results may cause more problems than when the project began. One or all of these problems happen more when people trust the task to bathroom contractors charging “rock bottom” prices or fail to research their credentials. Your bathroom remodeling project will stand a much better chance of being worth the cost (however you measure it) when you hire a company that knows what they’re doing.

Paul Davis is a full-service restoration company and has led the industry for over 50 years. You can trust our expertise and knowledge to avoid cutting corners or overlooking any fine details when it comes to our bathroom remodeling services. We can flawlessly execute your project, whether it’s simple upgrades or a complete renovation. Examples of the work we may do in your bathroom include:

  • Fix or replace bathroom features
  • Install appliances
  • Handle plumbing problems
  • Create layouts
  • Installing new accessories
  • Electrical work
  • Caulking and re-grouting tile
  • Flooring

Why Choose Paul Davis?

Paul Davis is a complete restoration company that has helped millions of people recover, reconstruct, and restore their homes after disaster strikes. Fires, floods, storms – we are the go-to fixers in the industry when the worst happens. We work with property owners and insurance companies and are the top-rated among both. Bathroom remodel services are an additional feature of the Paul Davis brand, and it’s easy to see we bring a comprehensive knowledge of the job to our clients.

The Paul Davis restoration company has pioneered many technologies and procedures that have become standard in the industry. Our bathroom contractors follow all local and state codes. You may need to be concerned about ensuring water damage, inefficient appliance functionality, and electrical dangers when you hire a contractor offering too-good-to-be-true prices, but not when you hire Paul Davis. And our prices are competitive within the industry.

You have every reason to choose Paul Davis for bathroom remodeling services. We are transparent about how much your renovation will cost and won’t surprise you with hidden fees. Our tools and knowledge will ensure that the project won’t go over budget or time. We are available 24/7 and will begin working quickly. The Paul Davis team that handles your bathroom renovation will be able to assist you with the design and may even offer ideas you hadn’t thought about. If you want the bathroom of your dreams, Paul Davis will deliver.

Contact Paul Davis For A Free Estimate

Paul Davis is most known for restoring people’s property when the worst nightmares become a reality. We bring the same technology and know-how into our additional bathroom remodeling services. Our bathroom contractors are the best in the business and will give you the bathroom of your dreams – on time and within budget. Call us 24/7 for a free estimate at (888) 244-9840.